Patti Boulaye on her friend Michael Jackson: ‘I fell in love with his spirit’

Patti Boulaye tells The Telegraph about a surreal day with Michael Jackson and Uri Geller in 2001

This photograph was taken at the renewal of Uri’s wedding vows to his wife, Hanna, after 25 years of marriage. It was in a marquee next to Uri’s house in Berkshire. Michael Jackson was best man. There were 100 guests there, including people such as Dave Stewart, Barry Gibb, Sir David Frost – a lot of celebrities.

Patti Boulaye Michael Jackson & Uri Geller
Patti Boulaye Michael Jackson & Uri Geller CREDIT: STEPHEN KOMLOSY

Michael was two hours late because he had to go to hospital – he had a fractured leg. So, as you can imagine, those who drank were pretty tanked by the time he arrived.

When Michael finally showed up we were told, ‘No photographs, no videos, please’ – and, of course, as soon as he walked in, everyone’s cameras were out. But Michael being Michael really didn’t mind. He was bopping away to the music. It was a very funny wedding. I don’t drink, so I could just observe all of it.


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