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The Calm Before The Storm?

Okay, I am probably going to get slammed for this blog, but it has been on my mind for so long and I have to get this out there and see if there are others sharing this theory. I will go through certain things rather quick because if I don’t I’ll be typing for the next 2 weeks! So if anything is not clear, please don’t hesitate to ask for a more detailed explanation. Keep in mind that this is simply a theory. Recent developments have supported what I have researched in the past and so I am genuinely wondering if one has to do with the other. It’s sort of a theory in which I try to tie everything together. Michael’s life, ‘death’, the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. To me it explains a lot and to me this fits Michael’s character and heart and what he has always fought for.

I will start with the very beginning. Please bear with me and read everything in context before commenting. It’s all just my brain over flooding and it needs to get out to see if together, we can make some sense out of all this.

A short introduction: I believe there is a group of very powerful and rich people who are trying to get full control over the world population. Whenever I talk about ‘they’, I will probably talk about this group. Their goal is to create this one world government and enslave the population. I also believe they are very close to achieving their goal. Many people are already enslaved without even realizing it and people are willingly giving up more and more freedom each day.

Whoever has read my blogs will know that I believe Michael was a victim of Mind Control. Mind control is being used for all kinds of purposes, but the most blatant is the use of it in music and entertainment. Artists are being controlled (they use rape and torture to ‘program’ them) to get certain political messages out to their fans, to influence the opinions of the public and to control the masses. Mind control victims are being ‘programmed’, usually when they are kids, and some kind of natural deprogramming starts when they get to around 25-30 years of age. This is the reason you see many celebrities go ‘crazy’ around that age, and there is a reason that the ‘Club of 27’ exists.

Most of the time when a victim goes ‘off message’ they will get them back by sending out a warning (a drug overdose, a murdered family member, an accident, hair set on fire etc.) and then send them to ‘rehab’ or something which is more like a place they will be reprogrammed so they can continue their ‘work’. I have an interesting book on this topic for whoever is interested and strong enough to stomach the information, I will not go into detail here because the details are sick. I have been in a depression for months after I first learned about this.

Anyway, I believe that in the late 60’s there was a ‘need’ for ‘acceptable’ black artists. The world was changing and even though ‘they’ had control over the black population for a long time, they realized there was a shift in thoughts and that black people were more and more accepted. You know, we are not racist by nature. Humans are made racists in order to divide. Where it was once directed at whites to control black people, we should now be careful not to let it happen the other way around. Anyway, I am getting side tracked here. Late 60’s, they needed black artists to control the black community that got more and more vocal by then. They could try to silence the community (hence why MLK was killed) but eventually they needed to find other ways.

The Jacksons were ‘discovered’ and brought to fame pretty quickly, right? Not saying they weren’t talented, but they were sent into orbit before anyone could spell their names. They were able to produce some very prominent black artists during a very tense racial time in the US, the ‘acceptable’ face of black culture. In the 60’s/70’s the timing was right to create a wave of black icons they could control. They look talented or especially gifted ones, like Michael. His personality made for a perfect MK Ultra subject.

Many black entertainers are used to reinforce stereotypes, it keeps America divided. Michael busted OUT of all their ‘roles’ and he got bigger than they anticipated. Not just that, he started to fight against them. So now they had this black guy that had all this power, all this money and even worse: he wasn’t playing their game. Have you ever wondered why Michael is the only one of the siblings with all these illnesses? His vitiligo was not random, it was medically induced. They made him white.

This stuff is still happening all over the world. To those awake, the signs are everywhere.

Around 1988 we see a change in Michael. Not just his appearance, but his lyrics, his attitude, this ‘angry’ Michael suddenly appeared. He started to use lots of symbolism in his short films, in Moonwalker (turning point right there) and his music and album covers. I believe this is where he felt ready to break away from his handlers and fight it.

Moonwalker is an important movie. It shows a certain change in his life and career. A ‘start’ of something new. It has always intrigued me that Moonwalker begins the same as This Is It ends. As if there is something about the period in between.

I’ve always wanted to do a full blog on Moonwalker but for some reason I never got to it. Maybe I will do that next. In short we see an interesting order of events in Moonwalker. We see Man In The Mirror, him telling us he is going to make some changes. Then we get an overview of his career up to then. Then we see him having to run away from the fans and reporters, disguising himself to get away. After that we see the Leave me Alone video. There is a shit ton of symbolism in all of this but I am keeping this short and will address all that in a separate blog.

At the end of the Leave me Alone video you see the Michael chained under the circus/rollercoaster/entertainment industry break free. Right after that the attacks on Michael start, we see him under fire by these soldier like people. We then see a flashback where it is explained why: Michael and Katy find out that there is this man called ‘Frankie Lideo’ who wants to drug all the children of the world. Since Frank Dileo makes an appearance himself in the end of the movie, I believe that Michael used his name to symbolize the entertainment industry, managers, handlers etc. and that Frank was fine with that.

After that we see Michael under fire again, all ammo is used on him yet Michael gets away. We see the logo of these people attacking him as being a spider. We see lots of spiders and spider webs in Moonwalker. In Monarch programming there is something called the spider web system or black widow spider system. This system is set up for blackmail and destruction via entrapment of people who are perceived as threats to the Illuminati. I believe this is his way of showing that they will attack him with all they can think of and try to blackmail and entrap him (how about accusing him of pedophilia, hmm?). Also notice that in This Is It, Michael himself comes out from under the black widow during Thriller/Threatened when the ‘dead come back to life’. Tables are turning?

Next in Moonwalker is ‘Smooth Criminal’, Michael under attack again, gets away again with the help of the other guests at the club. Katy is being taken by the spider people and we see Michael going after them to save her. Yet he gets his ass kicked as Michael, so he turns himself into this robot and destroys the spider people and leaves. He returns as Michael though and brings the kids to the club again that looks completely different now and performs ‘come together’.

So far Moonwalker in short. To me it looks like Michael started something around 1988 of which he knew he would they would attack him greatly. Something to save the children from evil people that want to drug them. With the many MK Ultra programming symbols in the movie, I am positive he made it his mission to save those who are a victim of this horrible programming. Ever since 1988 Michael has been very vocal about saving the children, healing the world etc. We also have seen him being attacked in any way possible. Poison (read my blogs) that caused various diseases including vitiligo, ‘accidents’ with bridges in Munich, the numerous accusations and insinuations of Michael with young boys. How low to attack someone by accusing him of the very thing he fights to prevent. Michael leaving in the movie might be symbolic for Michael ‘dying’ and then come back when the world needs to ‘come together’.

This Is It, Moonwalker’s ‘mirror image’ is released 21 years (3 x 7) after Moonwalker. What is the link to Moonwalker, which is about saving the children? Is he saying that his death is ‘It’, that it has something to do with saving the children? He did wear 777 on his shirt, referring back to Moonwalker?

If you believe he is still alive, you will also have to believe that Michael has had help from people in high places. You don’t fake your death with all this hoopla around it without it. There is no way. There must be law enforcement involved. If WE can figure out that Michael is alive, THEY can as well. So he must be protected. He must have friends in high places. Friends he trusts and has known for a long time. This is where some of you will dismiss this theory. What I had in my head for a long time (at least I had the hope there was something like it) was something I saw in someone else’s video years later. Please watch the video first before I go on, otherwise the rest will make no sense.

Now I know a lot of people hate Trump with a passion. I don’t. I have been following Trump since the beginning of the hoax. I have always believed Trump knew that Michael was alive. I also believe he and Michael were, and are, friends.

Now the biggest reason I wanted Trump to win the election was his vow to fight child sex trafficking, pedophilia etc. Many of you might not know that Trump has already put many pedophiles and traffickers behind bars and many are to follow. Trump really IS on a mission to save the children.

Now back to that video. I believe this plan was cooked up years ago. I think Kennedy tried, just listen to his speech. He was killed. Reagan tried, he was shot as well. Michael met Reagan by the way around that time. So did Trump.

Is Michael part of this ‘Plan to save the world’? Think about it, this shit is going to hit the fan, sooner rather than later. More and more is coming out. The media is in panic mode, making people think it’s some ‘right wing conspiracy’ just like they did with pizza gate. It’s all connected. This rabbit hole is so incredibly deep. Did Michael fake his death and go into some sort of witness protection program until this stuff finally comes to light?
Many of us, including me, thought Michael would return in 2013. I actually thought end of October, 2013. Michael talked about ‘4 years to get it right’ in This Is It. October 2013 would have been 25 years after Moonwalker as well. I think that was the original plan but he didn’t. Trump was supposed to run for President in 2012. That also didn’t happen, something must have fucked up the plan. Isn’t it strange new allegations of child molestation addressed at Michael popped up that year? What is the use of accusing a dead guy? There is none. That there is evidence that THEY know he’s alive. They probably also suspect what he is part of.

Now again, this is my theory and I’d like to discuss this here on the forum to see where it will lead and what we can figure out. I am not saying that this mission is real. I hope it is, I see signs that it is and I believe that if there is a plan to destroy the world, there has to be a plan to prevent that. There are still people in power who are good, everyone can’t be evil. And if there are, then why wouldn’t they do something about the state the world is in right now? And I am not saying Michael is a part of it either. I hope he is, I see signs he is and I believe he would ‘die’ for the cause. Michael’s name has been dropped a few times in relation to Q as well. And as much as I love Trump, I cannot see him address the world and have people actually listen to what he has to say, too many can’t see through the media lies and hate him too much. I do see them listening to what Michael has to say though…

When I went through old chats I had back in early 2010, this part popped up:

[ME]: what is that Q-sign? (can’t remember the full sign now)
[PERSON I WAS CHATTING WITH]: don’t worry.. focus on […] for now

So who is Q? “Wait until you find out who has been talking to you here. You will know who I am when you hear my voice.” (

Is ‘Q’ a Star Trek fan?

Many think Q is some military guy, who would recognize some military guy’s voice? Some people believe it’s Trump himself. Although I do think Trump’s voice is recognizable, I don’t see why Trump would speak in code to himself, like he seems to be doing with Trump and vice versa. So who would be recognized by everyone by his voice?

Not saying Michael is Q, I am simply sharing thoughts. Scroll back up to that video about the plan to save the world and check the date it was posted.

And check the date of Q’s first post:

The calm before the storm…?

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