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The Pearl Jr – Peter Midani Death Hoax Scam

Pearl’s ‘proof’ that Peter Midani is Michael Jackson

Peter Midani is a confirmed Michael Jackson alias.

Yes it is. But Peter was peterpanpyt before he was Peter Midani. Peter only started using Peter Midani long after TMZ confirmed one if Michael’s aliases was Peter Midani back on July 24, 2009: http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/24/michael-jackson-alias-doctor-arnold-klein-la-county-coroner-omar-arnold-drugs/ and more aliases were confirmed a few days later: http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/28/dea-on-the-hunt-for-michael-jackson-aliases/.

The whole assumption after that where she says Reagan might have given Michael the name for security purposes and that Michael was the Midani she found in connection with Reagan is just that: an assumption. Peter didn’t use the name until it was public knowledge that it was an MJ alias, so any link to Reagan or how and why Michael ever used the name doesn’t change a thing. She even shows a picture of the Reagans with this Mr. Midani and there is absolutely no reason to believe this is Michael. He looks like a middle eastern man and he seems taller and bigger overall than Reagan. See below the difference between the Reagans and Midani and under that the Reagans and Michael. Does that look like the same person to you? Pearl believes it’s a ‘man in a mask’ because his ‘head is so big’. She fails to mention that this man’s body is also pretty big, certainly bigger than Reagan’s, who wasn’t a short person either.

How far will some people stretch shit to ‘prove’ their theory? Did Reagan give Michael a second identity? Possible, sure! Stuff like that has been discussed by many people. Does it have anything to do with Peter Midani? No. Nothing at all.


Peter says he is not Michael Jackson.

Apparently that is a clue that he is Michael Jackson. I am not Michael Jackson. Or am I now? And if I say I am Michael Jackson, is that evidence I am not? Sorry but that escapes my logic capacity. If you think Peter is Michael and you have that on your list of ‘evidence’, you might need your head checked.

Actually, to this day, Peter has never said to Pearl that he is Michael Jackson. She claims he ‘can’t tell her that’ because he’s supposed to be dead. But she also claims that they are closer than Mark Wahlberg and his fucking Teddy bear. She even calls him ‘honey’ and says she loves him on camera these days. That is how close they supposedly are. Yet he still can’t tell her who he is? Sure, whatever.


Hot Chocolate (no marshmallows Chris?)

On January 16, 2012 Peter tweets to Chris Tucker, Jermaine tweets on January 22, 2012 that there is no such thing as a coincidence, Peter tweets a picture of Hot chocolate on January 23, 2012 and Chris Tucker talks about hot chocolate on January 26, 2012 and Justin Bieber sings Rockin’ Robin.

First of all, Peter tweeting to Chris Tucker is a nothing burger. Anyone can send a tweet to Chris. It had nothing to do with hot chocolate either, Peter just asked him a fan question about his website. Jermaine tweeted in response to a question from Andrea. I bet that question had nothing to do with anything still in the future, but something that happened before. I do remember that tweet actually, maybe Andrea herself remembers what it was about.

Peter, a.k.a. Bobby Anderson, lives in Columbia, South Carolina. The picture of the hot chocolate with marshmallows was posted on January 23, 2012 at 6:27 am LA time, assuming Pearl has her settings to her own time zone. So around 9:27 am local time for Bobby. The temperature in Columbia was a little over 40 degrees F: https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/usa/columbia/historic?month=1&year=2012.

Perfect weather for a hot chocolate with marshmallows. Then Chris just tells a story about spilling hot chocolate, not even any marshmallows. Pearl’s conclusion is then that Peter predicted that hot chocolate would be a topic of discussion at an upcoming Michael Jackson event. But there was no prediction, it was a picture of hot chocolate with marshmallows, half of which was not part of the topic of discussion. Then she tops it with Bieber singing Rockin’ Robin. Not because it’s Bieber’s favorite song, but because Bieber is also in on the hoax, just to give Pearl clues. For those not getting the clue here, the lyrics have “tweet, tweet, tweet” in them. Yes really, she calls it evidence that Peter Midani is Michael Jackson.


Peter has very rare Jackson pictures and memorabilia.

No he does not. I asked Gary from MJJC about this, who knows much more about this. Here is what Gary said about it:

All that stuff is not his, in fact, 95% is not, of course like all fans he has a collection of items, but nowhere near what he is posting. I have time and time again exposed the memorabilia lies. Basically he scours the net, google images, pinterest, auction sites, ebay all around the world and so on. Simply saving the pictures, and posting them as if they are his own. He is cunning though, in amongst the fake one he will post one of his own with his name on it, all part of the scam.”

Whoever knows LunaJo’s YouTube channel, also knows that she is not full of shit either. This is her reply to a question on my Facebook.

Here are some pictures Peter Posted with the original eBay/auction page:


So more bull shit. He doesn’t own most of the stuff he posts. And Pearl even say those pictures are on auction sites. Either she is scamming y’all or she has an IQ as low as the average room temperature…. IN CELCIUS. Since she claims she has a degree in film, media and whatever, we can assume the first. Although I must say that the quality of her work doesn’t support that, so who knows.


Price of Fame

Pearl claims that she released the news of her screenplay ‘The Price of Fame’ on October 29, 2015 at 10:22 am. The full video of the Pepsi ad “The Chase”, which includes Michael’s song with the same name, was released on October 29, 2015 in the late afternoon.

Conveniently for her she doesn’t really show the real Facebook post but a screenshot that is edited. No way to know which account she used to post that and I have done different searches online, it’s not on there. She didn’t release it on her own pages, I checked those. So I guess you will just have to believe her??


The whole Anderson family is like the Klumps, all wear fat suits and masks.

Well if you still believe Peter is Michael and Pearl is not scamming your ass, these last two HUGE CLUES should wake you the fuck up or else you really need to see a doctor. I saved the best for last, of course.

Everyone must have seen the pictures and video’s from Bobby Anderson by now. Pearl claims Michael is sitting around on the internet in chat rooms fully dressed in mask and fat suit. Because when Bobby fucks up in live streams by accidentally flipping his phone, you see this:


I am not sure if Pearl knows how uncomfortable and hot it is to wear a mask and a fat suit, but believe me when I say you’re not gonna put that shit on when you don’t intend to show your face. There is no reason to do that at all. Bobby Anderson exists, he lives in Columbia, South Carolina. I have his address. I have pictures of his family, definitely not wearing any masks or fat suits. This is his sister singing: https://soundcloud.com/be-a-guest/beverly-anderson-petty-my. Unless of course you think that’s Rebbie, La Toya or Janet? Bobby is not the sharpest tool in the box. Pearl claims he is so good at hiding his identity, but when he sends someone something through mail, it shows exactly where it’s coming from:



Bobby is a real person, here is his video resume:


Now here is a Facebook post from Peter Midani:


Now compare the background of the video to that. Even the BAD picture is still hanging equally crooked. And does that look like a man cave Michael would have? All the money in the world and that is what he has? Really?


Peter Midani opened his Twitter account On June 24, 2009 at 3:29 am

That is 1 day before the death announcement and at a confirmed time Michael was not at the Staples Center rehearsing but was home in Los Angeles. Well, according to Pearl, the best investigator in the world.

Pearl made another post about this on July 15, 2018 because apparently that is one of her biggest pieces of evidence that Peter is Michael. Here is what she posted:


I’m about to burst her fucking bubble. I actually did a liddle dance when I saw what I saw. Here is a screenshot from her own crapumentary.

It’s funny Pearl, how you always call your ‘haters’ bad researchers when it’s actually YOU who sucks ass big time! Fortunately I am a web designer and I know one or two things about the  code you see here. The three I will focus on are “time_zone”,  “utc_offset” and “created_at”, in that same order. The “time_zone” stamp tells you where the creator is located based on either his Windows time zone settings or the setting you set yourself in Twitter, since Twitter claims they get the coordinates “as reported by the user or client application”: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/data-dictionary/overview/tweet-object. The Windows time zone setting can be set by the creator and the other option obviously IS set by the creator, so that is not a definitive thing. It says absolutely nothing about your real location. Peter could have been anywhere in the world creating the profile. You don’t need any sophisticated shit for that like Pearl claims, you need a computer mouse and a keyboard. Anyone with half a brain can change their Windows settings or location on Twitter.

The “utc_offset” is the same thing, it tells you the time zone of the location. Whatever number you see there you divide by 3600. In this case that will give you UTC -7, which is the location we find below.

The last one, “created_at” is the only stamp that will tell you exactly when this account was created, which was June 24, 2009 at 03:29:50 +0000 and that last part means nothing more than UTC, check it for yourself if you think I am full of shit: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/data-dictionary/overview/tweet-object. The location time then will help you figure out what time it was created at the location of the creator. And that is UTC -7 as we’ve just learned. So the Twitter account was created in Los Angeles on June 23rd, 2009 at 08:29:50 pm. Now where was Michael at that time? Honestly that wasn’t easy to figure out exactly because the timeline of that day is not as spelled out online as the 24th is. But thanks to Samantha De Gosson, who was there that day, we know that Michael arrived for rehearsals at the Staples Center at 6 pm on June 23rd, and didn’t leave until midnight.


So when the Twitter account was created, Michael was busy rehearsing! Explain that Pearl! And just because you brought it up yourself, let me tell you a little bit about his ‘original account’ @mjjackson1958.

His tweets are directly copied from the News and pasted, word by word. But that’s not all, read the whole shebang right here: https://debunkingfakes.wordpress.com/mjjackson1958/

So if he claims that was also his, he got debunked twice now!


Conclusion about Peter

Peter is scamming you. For other reasons than Pearl, as I explained here: https://www.facebook.com/mjdhi/posts/1994348737276154

Then people attack me for calling him out because he never said he was Michael and he is such a lovely person. First of all he doesn’t have to say “I am Michael Jackson”, he lets Pearl do that so he can’t be blamed. When Pearl approached a different impersonator before Bobby and that person turned her scam down, she found a willing one in Bobby because she knows he’s horny for the attention. This is a complete set-up that they both profit from in their own ways. And a lovely person? Look at this:




Sound anything like your dear Michael? I ain’t claiming Mike is always such an angel, but this here is really not his style people. Wake up and smell the coffee!


Conclusion Pearl

Pearl is also scamming you. The so called predictions she is talking about don’t exist. Claiming that Peter said something in a phone conversation is not that hard. Let her prove it. She can’t. She is making that shit up on the fly. All she is interested in, is making money using Michael’s name, in any way she can. She already posted on my forum back in August of 2009, when she still believed he was dead, simply to promote her older DVD’s. Her first video on YouTube was a promotion for her e-book. Now whenever you check any of her posts, she will have her DVD’s linked like crazy. She is a very nasty woman and if you ask me, she doesn’t even like Michael. She probably even thinks he is dead, why else would you think you can get away with this trash? And she is a racist and a fucking bitch, look at the racist bitch comments she threw at Debbie Rowe (thanks to SimPatty who seems to have saved literally everything!):


What a lovely piece of shit she is! Luckily Debbie doesn’t give a flying fuck about her shit and is not afraid to call her out:

So do you seriously still have a doubt in your mind about this? Then I am sorry but I can’t help you. No one probably can. Whoever has a brain and knows how to use it must have seen what a bunch of liars they are.

For who missed my video last week and my post in response to some people who got bent out of shape over it, here they are:


Post in response: https://www.facebook.com/mjdhi/posts/1994348737276154

If you want to see more proof, join this group because I have a feeling lots of proof will be added to what you just read here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/668446856826996/

I truly hope this opened your eyes. I am always open for questions, but please be clear if you have any so I can actually try to give you a detailed answer. The question “but what about all his predictions” I will not be able to reply to. If you actually tell me what ‘prediction’ and where I can find it, then I can answer.

And remember, inform others!


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June 23rd u claim MJ was at Staples Center cause a fan said. But A&G confessed they used a double to film This is it “movie”. So, Samantha maybe saw a double, or just his car and bodyguards. There is a fan, who was following MJ in his last years, and she said in his last month, he got different, he stopped talking to the fans, and their safety would not let anyone get close http://www.michaeljacksonthelastangel.com/michael-jackson-last-month.html. So, I think bodyguards and MJ were trying to stay away from the fans, in order to fans don’t find out about double MJ.… Read more »