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L.O.V.E., The Movie, The Journey and The End…

After 4 months of digging, reading articles, watching videos, listening to leaked songs and interviews, this will be our last post about the hoax, because we think we know what will be happening next.

Even though everything fits in our theory, we of course cannot be sure this will turn out to be right, but for us it’s the end of the movie we have been seeing. As we are writing this blog post, we still don’t know the outcome, and of course we can be wrong with everything we have been investigating and thinking, but to us there are too many coincidences and a wise man once said that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

If we have given false hope to people due to our posts and thoughts, we are very sorry, but we assume people can make up their own minds and find their own truths in this matter.

There is still a lot we are puzzled about, and in our opinion it’s impossible to find it all, since Mike has been working on this for years and years. None of us know how long he has been planning this, what is true or false regarding everything we heard about and from him, because the man is a total mystery.

Our last findings all started with a single tweet from one of the dancers, Shannon Holtzapffel. This tweet didn’t fit with his other tweets. Normally he tweets about L.O.V.E. or is he replying Kenny Ortega, this time he was tweeting this:

I (Souza) was at work and I saw the strange tweet and decided to google ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and I saw it was a title of a movie that was just released in the USA. I clicked on a page from IMDB, a synopsis of the movie, and I was excited about what was written there just a few hours before. I called Mo and send the links to her and we decided we had to see the movie as soon as possible, because we thought this could be very important. There are parts in the synopsis that caught our eye, because we are loyal TMZ-live watchers. Remember what Dave Dave had posted on his MySpace: ‘Follow The Yellow Brick Road. Because we believe TMZ is our brickman and also known for his yellow journalism, we think this refers to TMZ. Meaning: watch TMZ and you will find your clues. Here is the synopsis of the movie:

We underlined the things that caught our eye.

First of all Max. TMZ has been showing this guy Max the whole week, without him really saying important things. Max is the main character in the movie.

Max tells the Wild Things that he was king from where he came from… Just like Michael Jackson was/is as we know him: King of Pop.

Carol crowns Max king, just like Liz Taylor crowns Mike King of Pop.

Then there is the phrase: ‘Let the wild rumpus start’. We had to laugh about that, because after our ‘Dog-theory’ TMZ posted the article about the Great Dane ‘Rumpus’ that attended some clips of Lady Gaga, reporting the dog had died and that an autopsy was performed on the dog. A funny fact is that the real name of the dog is: ‘PCH Start the Commotion’.

Lady Gaga Music Video Star Found Dead

The movie also has a soundtrack, a song performed by Karen O. We found the lyrics, I think you all can agree with us that these lyrics are absolutely a reason to download the movie on Pirate Bay to be able to watch it, since the movie has not been released here in Holland.

All is Love – Karen O and The Kids – Where the Wild Things Are


After all this in the synopsis and most of all the lyrics, I decided to get in the car and go to Mo’s house, because this was something we had to work out side by side. Could it be that if we watched the movie and could find out what L.O.V.E. means, we would find out where Mike is? When I arrived at Mo’s place, she had already found the movie on Pirate Bay and downloaded is. Funny thing was that it was uploaded just a few hours earlier. What a coincidence, don’t you think?

After arriving at Mo’s house and introduce myself, which was pretty weird after being on the phone for about a thousand hours we had some coffee and of course we first watched TMZ Live. TMZ has thrown in things we had been working on many times, look at the weird dead dog post after our (you may call it ridiculous) post about the Dog-Autopsy. That was something we had posted, so you can think TMZ is playing games with the forum members. This time we hadn’t posted anything, but yet Harvey felt the need to bring in another TMZ-character: Brian. Now look at this guy’s T-shirt:

How much of a coincidence is it that after the tweet from the dancer, this guy wears this particularly T-shirt with a character (Carol) of Where The Wild Things Are? We knew we were right on track, so we got some drinks and chips and watched the movie. After a few minutes we had to rewind, did we hear that right?? Did we hear Michael’s voice in the movie? So we listened again. There are 6 ‘Wild Things’ in the movie in that scene, but we hear a 7th voice there, without seeing one of the Wild Things talk. It’s also funny that one of the other Wild Things says he has to be quiet. After this we never hear the voice again… and after listening to the voice again and again, we didn’t seem to hear Mike in it anymore, but who cares? It made us call the Michael Jackson company that made us think about Tohme Tohme again…

We paused the movie at this point and decided to call The Michael Jackson Company, of which the phone number was on the AEG contract that was published on Radar Online some time ago.

First thing that was weird is that they pick up the phone with MJJ Kingdom, not The Michael Jackson Company. You can search the web and see that these are 2 different companies. Well we have recorded the call, but it’s illegal to record and/or publish a call without permission of the other party, so here are the transcripts:

Transcript of first call to The Michael Jackson Company

Good afternoon, MJJ Kindom

Good afternoon, this is Monique. Ehm, I have a question about the movie Where The Wild Things are. I have watched the movie and a few times I was almost certain I heard Mr. Michael Jackson’s voice. Do you know if he perhaps participated as a voice over for this movie?

Ehm…I wouldn’t know. May I have your name?


Monique, one moment.

I ended up listening to the voicemail of MJJ Kingdom.

Transcript of second call to The Michael Jackson Company

Good afternoon, MJJ Kingdom

Good afternoon, this is Monique again. You tried to put me through, but all I got was an answering machine.

Okay, I’m sorry about that, they must…I believe they have actually gone for the day, all I can do is transfer you to Dr. Tohme’s voicemail if you like.

Okay, thank you.



You have reached MJJ Kingdom. We are currently unavailable to attend your call, but please leave us a detailed message including your name and number and we’ll return your call properly. Thank you, and have a great day. BEEP

Good afternoon, this is Monique. I have a question about the movie Where The Wild Things Are. Ehm…I’m very positive I heard Mr. Michael Jackson’s voice in the movie. Can you please tell me if Michael Jackson participated as a voice over in this movie? I would really like it if you’d get back to me on that. My number is 0031-……… Thank you, have a great weekend, bye!

So that was weird! Dr. Tohme? Didn’t he get fired 4 weeks prior to June 25? Who is Dr. Tohme, why is he still in charge of Michael’s companies, why do we get the general voicemail after they put us through to Tohme’s and what happened to The Michael Jackson Company? Also Tohme seems to be still the president of MJJ Productions Inc. Makes you wonder who Dr. Tohme Tohme really is…

Our bet? Tohme Tohme is Mike himself. As the articles say Tohme has control over Michael, Tohme being president of his company, Tohme firing Michael’s staff on the day of his death. Mike is in total control of himself, HE is president of his own companies and only HE is able to fire his staff. We do not buy the story that someone else could control him like that, certainly not since we believe he is pulling of the biggest hoax the world has ever seen. HE is in control and no one else, HE is Tohme R. Tohme…

Well, we decided not to pay more attention to it, but we think it’s worth the mention. We returned to our movie… Btw…after listening to the voice again and again, we didn’t seem to hear Mike in it anymore, but who cares? It’s the call to the Michael Jackson company that made us think about Tohme Tohme again…

The movie tells the story about Max. Max has a fight with his mom at home and runs away. He leaves with a boat and ends up on an island where the wild things are. His journey is very similar to Michael’s life. It’s not easy to explain it all here, but we advise you to go and watch this movie for yourself. You will be amazed how many similarities you will find comparing to Mike’s journey through stardom. We will post some of the highlights.

There is a scene where 9-year old Max tells the Wild Things that he was a king for 20 years where he came from:


This movie was released this year, 2009. Elizabeth Taylor declared Michael ‘King of Pop, Rock and Soul’ in 1989:


Later in the movie the Wild Things ask Max to show them his powers. Max told them he had special powers, but when he has to show them his powers, Max stands up and does some Michael Jackson dance moves, those are his magical powers. As we all can agree, Michael’s dancing was magical.


Now of course you can say that this is a story from 1963, how could this all relate to Michael Jackson? Well, we searched for hours and hours in a second-hand bookstore for this book, but we didn’t find it. We found online that the original story only has 338 words. This is a full 90-minute movie, what means that they added a lot of text to the story that is new… They turned a 338 word story into a 111 page film script.

The movie is showing that Max builds a secret hiding place, a place where everything can be happening what he wants to happen, a perfect world, but this world is being destroyed in the movie, just like the Santa Barbara Police department destroyed Michael’s self created Neverland. At the end of the movie Max returns home, to his mother…

L.O.V.E, it’s a mystery
Where you’ll find me, where you’ll find

L.O.V.E. are locations. No difficulty, it’s simple. The letters represent the locations where he has been hiding from June 25th. Let us explain:

L. stands for Los Angeles. He was never in the ambulance, he was never at UCLA, he was at Carolwood Drive. It’s the perfect hiding place since people thought he died and were only paying attention to the hospital and the coroner. His family picked him up in the days after June 25th, when they emptied the mansion. They helped him to get to his next hiding place…

O. stands for Oahu. This is the Hawaiian Island where the capital Honolulu is, and where the airport is. How did he get on the plane? We don’t know, but there are different ways. Maybe someone helped him with a private plane, we all know Donald Trump Is a friend of Mike. Maybe in disguise as Dave Dave, on Dave’s passport? Maybe he went by boat… Maybe we will never know. However, we have good reasons to believe he has been on Hawaii hiding for a while. Remember the sighting on Hawaii, remember Liz Taylors house on Hawaii? We think Liz hid him at her place. Also TMZ-Harvey went to Hawaii a few days prior to the burial on a holiday, while all important Michael Jackson news popped up. Why would he do that? Why not wait until after the burial? A manager of a gossip site that broke the Michael Jackson story on June 25th, won’t go on a holiday during the burial, no way! So did he really went to Hawaii, or did he only mention Hawaii to give us a clue? We have no idea, but that’s not that important, it’s just another ‘coincidence’.

V. is for Vegas.

E. is Encino. Max returns home to his mother after his journey, Mike returns home to his mother after his journey. Everyone he loves and trusts is there, his mother, his children, his family and all his friends can walk in and out to see him, without anyone expecting anything. We think he has been home for only a short while, since the story of the Balloon Boy Hoax on TMZ. Remember the boy hiding at home? That was our clue he already is in Encino. ‘He is hiding at home in a box in the attic…’

Balloon Boy’s Mother — It Was All a Hoax

Our predictions for the ending of the hoax? If we do have to make a prediction, we will follow the yellow brick road again: TMZ. TMZ posted a Rolex watch from Lindsay Lohan on the site and also showed it in the same live stream as the T-shirt from Where The Wild Things Are:

Burglar Bunch to Lindsay: Watch This!

It’s set 2 to 12, in Holland that is a saying that means something big is about to happen soon. We also remembered a weird picture of Mike on where he had a Rolex-add in front of his face, showing a Rolex that was set on the 28th, at 10:10.

We thought back then that the movie would be released on October 28, instead of the 31st, because back then the release date was still mentioned as the 31st. That happened, but there is another 10. Maybe he will return on October 28, 10 am or 10 pm, or there will be a statement from one of the family members to tell that it was all just a hoax. In that case probably his mother, like the mother of Balloon Boy did.

That thought led us to the new Jackson Family real life series called The Jack5ons, a family dynasty. If you have seen the trailer, you might have noticed some strange things…


Just listen to what they are saying in this video…

It’s been 20 years since we’ve been in the studio.
How we’re gonna make this happen?
I never wanted to hurt you all, I never wanted to be seperated.
You’ve never forgotten the comfort.
What have we got? Eachother!
Let’s show them who we are.
We’re back in the studio
We’re letting camera’s into our life for the very first time.
We’re family, we’ll be Jackson 5 till the day we die.

And…THE WAIT IS OVER..? Remember the promo for the O2 gigs..? Let us refresh your memory…



Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King, remember that phrase the choir sang at the memorial? The series are ‘coming soon’. We think that these series will be the reveal of the hoax and the return of Mike to his family and fans.

Again: this is just a guess and we have no idea if that will happen for real, it’s just a thought…

L.O.V.E, it’s a mystery
Where you’ll find me, where you’ll find

Welcome home Mike…


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“We’re letting camera’s into our life for the very first time.
We’re family, we’ll be Jackson 5 till the day we die.

And…THE WAIT IS OVER..? Remember the promo for the O2 gigs..? Let us refresh your memory…”

I’m talking about the bit with ‘THE WAIT IS OVER’ that’s never said in the videos…one of them says, ‘Family comes first’ but never ‘The wait is over.’

Souza & Mo

THE WAIT IS OVER is displayed in the video. Please watch it, you will see it’s there.

Greetz, Mo


16 january 2010. I’m on the TMZ website. The TNZ live show had a different hour of post and a different legend. 4:28 PM & 4:36 now…. why ? TMZ Live — Burglar Bunch, MJ & T.G.I.F.! Posted Oct 23rd 2009 4:36PM by TMZ Staff Mike had the day off — but Harvey, Max and Nicki answered your questions on everything, including the Hollywood Burglar Bunch’s theft spree through Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge’s homes and the Jackson family’s reaction to “This Is It.” Also, why there were cops at the Jackson compound the other day. Plus —… Read more »